Many People wonder how to make style.
Is many way, is depend, how good you are, what tools You have available.
I will explain here how can be made using Fl studio.
Is only Basic tutorial, for more advanced users check Advanced Style Creation.

What you need:

  1. PC with Fl Studio.
  2. Midi Interface (I'm using M-Audio Plus).
  3. Midi Cable.
  4. Korg Pa Arranger.*
  5. Time and patience.

Tutorial Included:

  1. FL Studio Setup.
  2. FL Studio MIDI interface Setup.
  3. KORG Pa Setup.
  4. Testing connection.
  5. Basic Info about Style Creation.
  6. Setup Recording.
  7. Making First Sample.
  8. Testing Chord Progression.
  9. Creating Full test (all Tracks).
  10. Making Style (all Elements).
  11. Testing Style (all Elements).
  12. Exporting Midi Elements.
  13. Converting Midi.
  14. Importing SMF to Style.

1. FL Studio Setup.

You going to need some special project preset, which you can download here.
After you start FL Studio, you need load this preset (Korg Style Preset) to program.
After loading your program should look like this.

Korg Pa FL studio Preset

Few important things to check:
Channels must be set to 9-16 and port to 1.(see below).

FL studio Channels check