Before you decide using midi editor to create file works with Korg Pa Arrangers you must know few basic info.
  • 1. Korg Pa accepting only Midi0 file.
  • 2. Midi with Markers can be use only with latest generation of Korg PA, means Pa600, Pa900, Pa3x, Pa3xLe and Pa4x.
  • 3. You must understand structure of style , what midi can and cannot hold.

Choosing of MIDI editor.

  • For making MIDI to Style is no best editors, is only depend on skills, how good you know software and how easy you want to do it.
  • Using DAW is better choice, even demo version.
  • If your Midi editor is not supporting saving in MIDI 0 version, you can always use 3-rd party free tools like Free Midi Converter GN 1:0.
  • Here is link to Making Korg PA Arranger Style on FL Studio.

First Steps to prepare MIDI.

  1. Find Midi file.
  2. Find original audio file.
  3. Determinate  BPM in original audio file.
  4. Import Midi file to DAW.
  5. If necessary adjust BPM in midi file.
  6. Import Audio file to project.
  7. Using move tools Sync audio to midi.
  8. Using Temp Markers analyze song and mark parts of songs.
  9. Don't try do perfect, later you still have many option to correct it.
  10. If you got it you ready for next step.

...... to be continue...