Performers Heaven offer custom Set.

  1. Custom set can be create from any single product from our website.
  2. Custom sets are only available to registered Users.
  3. Sets can be from Styles or Sounds.
  4. Sounds or Styles can be converted from original for older version of Korg PA.
  5. Available Sound versions are:

    Korg Pa4x with compress samples

    Korg Pa4x no compression

    Korg Pa1000 with compress samples

    Korg Pa1000 no compression

    Korg Pa700 with compress samples

    Korg Pa700 no compression

    Korg Pa3x with compress samples

    Korg Pa3x no compression

    Korg Pa900 no compression

    Korg Pa600 no compression

    Korg Pa300 no compression

    Korg Pa800 no compression

    Korg Pa2x no compression

    Korg Pa500 only with sound based on factory samples

  6. Available Style versions:

    Korg Pa4x/Pa1000/Pa700

    Korg Pa3x/Pa900/Pa600/Pa300

    Korg Pa2x/Pa800/Pa500

  7. Custom Sets are eligible for discount:

    Set with 5 or more - 5% OFF

    Set with 10 or more - 10% OFF

    Set with 20 or more - 20% OFF

    Set with 30 or more - 35% OFF plus 20 User Points credit

  8. Custom Sets are not eligible to gain User Points
  9. Steps to order Custom Set:

    a. browse website and write down Name and Code (important!)

    b. make a list of your future set and send via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    c. someone will contact you with all details

    d. after confirmation your set is ready, make payment and we will send you SET

  10. Custom Sets are not stored on website, is only one time deal, we don't have a backup
  11. for Custom Sets converted to older version Performers Heaven are not responsibility for final quality of sound, can sound a little bit different that original version